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The Canine Acamania offers private, semi-private and small group classes for the performance dog enthusiast and domestic obedience skills to help families enjoy the dog they love!

We offer foundation skills for dog sports, skill development for all levels of competitive obedience and problem-solving for various domestic and performance issues.


Additionally, Maria offers competitive Obedience problem-solving weekend workshops that help attendees learn how to: 


  • Move away from luring to effectively rewarding

  • Remove training aids 

  • Understand the different stages of building a ring-ready performance

  • Maintain a polished performance on a fully trained dog

  • Breakdown & reward all the parts of an exercise

  • Maximize the efficiency of your training sessions 

  • Improve your dog’s attention and drive 

  • Develop training protocols to help you 

Contact us for more information. 

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