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Enjoy the Dog You Love

There are many reasons to bring a dog into our lives; they are as unique as the individuals involved. The fact is, regardless of the reasons and the stories behind the dog (or dogs) in our homes, such as what type of dog we choose, what are the plans we have for them, or with them; we all have one common goal - to enjoy the dog we have!

Dogs come from many different places and with their own stories; each family has particular needs, motivations and values when choosing a way to find a dog. Some will visit shelters looking for the dog that brings the feeling of “love at first sight”.  Some take long-time researching breeds, breeders, pedigrees, health and performance records, to find THE pup that will share a life of rigorous training, long road trips and performance events. It really doesn’t matter how the dog “ends up” in our lives, the point is to ensure that the four-legged wonder will come into our lives, homes and hearts, and STAY.


Loving your dog is always the easiest part of the job. Your dog may have an outstanding pedigree or the personality of a rockstar, he may have the kind eyes that melt your heart, she may be a rescue dog that comes with an incredible story of resilience and grit, he may be the performance dog that you always dream of, she may be your best friend.  The part of sharing your life with a dog that requires a lot more work is to actually enjoy them. You may love your dog deeply but, do you enjoy living with them? 

The key to truly loving sharing our life with a dog and a happily ever after is domestic bliss - and only attained through training. Train the dog you love to become the dog of your dreams.

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